What will you learn from thESE videoS? 

  • Importance of identifying the color and strength of the light source
  • Working from thin to thick
  • Connecting similar values
  • Controlling chroma in your color mixtures
  • Suggestions regarding tools and material

In this 90 minute video you will have a look into Robert's Alla Prima process. He will be using a limited number of values and orchestrating the largest masses before painting the smaller shapes. This is often called the big tone approach. This is the procedure Robert has taught in his workshop classes for over twenty years. These topics will apply whether you are painting the figure from life or a photograph. Knowing this invaluable knowledge will allow you to see quicker results in your own figurative paintings. 


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Premium Package



Simplifying the Figure
90 minutes

Orchestrating Your Paintings
53 minutes


The Premium Package includes one full length demonstration showing a figure painted with the Alla Prima process combined with a engaging "step-by-step video", Orchestrating your Paintings.

Orchestrating your Paintings is where Robert talks you through 3 additional figurative paintings (see them above) in a detailed step-by-step process through to completion.  

This high value content will help you learn even more!

Value Package




90 minutes


This video covers the core principles of Robert Lemler's Alla Prima process. It may be the budget friendly option, but the information is invaluable and reaches far beyond its price.

If you want to improve your figurative paintings this video will guide you through the process and steps necessary to see quick results in your own work.