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Arranging The Elements

Gabor Svagrik

In landscape painting we look for things to take out. However in still life painting we arrange items together. In this short video Robert Lemler explains his philosophy on this topic.

 CLICK HERE to see Robert's full feature instructional videos

Why VALUE is more important than color

Gabor Svagrik

Kenn Backhaus has a new video for you. He is sharing his insight about the second most important thing in painting which is VALUE. He will explain some key things on this topic like the big WHY you need to understand values before moving on. It is truly a great insight to Kenn's thought process.

Struggling with your landscape designs? CLICK HERE to see Kenn's full feature instructional videos

How to use Color to convey distance

Gabor Svagrik

In this short video Colley Whisson will show you how he uses COLOR to convey distance between foreground, mid ground and background. He will also show you how you can use blues to push back the distance and how to use warmer colors to convey a stronger foreground.

Need more guidance on painting the figure? CLICK HERE to see Colley's full feature instructional videos

How to paint better [values] in mountains

Gabor Svagrik

We know when our values are correct in a landscape painting because they have depth. Your eyes virtually take you into the scene and you feel the distance.

In this short video, Gabor Svagrik, shows you what to be aware of and how to achieve better values in your distant hills and mountains.

Need help with your landscape values? CLICK HERE to see Gabor's full feature instructional videos

Why You Need to Think About Edges

Gabor Svagrik

Edges are very important in every painting. Watch below as George Strickland explains how he uses them to move the viewers eye around a painting. 

Want help with your edges and focal points? CLICK HERE to see George's full feature instructional videos

3 Things to a successful painting

Gabor Svagrik

There are three major things you must keep your eye on all the time while creating a painting. Ken will tell you what these things are in this short video. We all want to jump right into mixing paint but the more planning we do the better the results will be. 

If you are interested in learning more about Ken's painting philosophy, we offer Ken's complete Self-Study Online course. Click here to find out more.