What will you learn from these videos? 

  • How to paint the illusion of light
  • How to paint with spontaneity
  • The importance of creating a strong design
  • How to mass in the values
  • Identify the color, temperature and strength of the light source
  • Working from thin to thick
  • Color mixing and brushwork

In this 150 minute video you will have a look into Kenn's process of painting a scene with dappled light. He will demonstrate the principles behind this scene showing you without sunlight, there is no shadow, and both must be considered simultaneously in order to create harmony and engagement in a painting. Dappled light can be seen almost anywhere there is direct sunlight and as a painter you will learn how to paint these artistic patterns of light. You may apply these topics to any subject matter whether you're painting from life or a photograph. This valuable knowledge will help you see quicker results in your own paintings.


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Premium Package

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Dappled Light
150 minutes

Developing Your Artistic Skill Sets
70 minutes


The Premium Package includes one full length demonstration of a Dappled Light street scene combined with a informative "step-by-step video", Developing Your Artistic Skill Set.

Dappled Light covers the core principals & process of painting a filtered sunlit scene from start to finish.

Developing Your Artistic Skill Set is where Kenn talks you through 3 additional dappled light driven paintings (see them above). He will show you in a detailed step-by-step process how to capture these artistic patterns of light.

This complete package will help you learn so much more!

Value Package




150 minutes


This video covers the core principals of Kenn Backhaus's process of painting a scene with dappled light. It may be the budget friendly option, but this information is invaluable and reaches far beyond its price.

He will be sharing over 40 years of experience directly with you. This knowledge will help you gain the confidence you have been seeking. You will see quicker results in your own landscape paintings by following his process through the necessary steps.