About Us

We offer Traditional Fine Art Online courses and educational videos. Each (TAAO) Tucson Art Academy instructor is a renowned artist who is passionate about teaching you. All of our content from concept to completion has been put together by Fine Artists who want you to excel in your art journey. We believe that craft precedes artistry.

Let us help you improve your craft and master your technical challenges. Designed for artists at every skill level and in every medium: oil, acrylic, pastel, and watercolor.


What’s not to love? Top notch instructors, great tech support, comfort of your own studio, no travel expenses and BETTER paintings, all in one affordable package! If you’re serious about improving your art, don’t miss out on Tucson Art Academy Online instruction.
— Bruce
I can’t say enough about these courses. The opportunity to receive instruction in my own studio has been a big advantage and the weekly discipline has helped me to establish better working habits. I’ve learned to see like an artist and not like a camera. Tucson Art Academy Online has been helpful, positive and the best thing for my paintings. Thank you TAAO for making these online courses. They are limitless, just like you say!
— Cyndy