What will you learn from these videos? 

  • How to unravel the secrets of the human head
  • How to see what is not obvious
  • How to find the structure which holds the hidden character of the portrait 
  • Why character is the key to likeness 
  • A deeper insight into Simon's sculpting secrets, tools, and techniques 

For over 30 years Simon has taught key principles to workshop classes all over the world. Learning these principles will open up limitless opportunities and free you to sculpt any human head you want, whether you are working from life or a photograph.

These instructional videos are ONLY available as downloads. Purchase, download or start streaming instantly. Gain access to everything all at once.  Start right away, work at your own pace, and improve on your own time schedule. These are yours to keep forever. 

simon kogan -female clay sculpture


Beauty Takes Time downloadable
instructional video
180 minutes

Structure & Likeness downloadable
instructional video
100 minutes

Combined with Light & Form
downloadable instructional video
41 minutes

The Master Package includes two full-length portrait sculpting demos and the additional video, Light & Form

simon kogan - how to sculpt in clay

In each full-length demo Simon shows you exactly how he approaches & executes both female and male portraits. This method will apply whether you are sculpting from life or a photograph.

A female portrait has to be beautiful - that is difficult! From features to hair style, each element is critical to the overall success of the portrait. Simon will show you how to overcome these challenges so you can sculpt successful female portraits. 

In Simon's approach to the male portrait, you will see the tools & techniques that he has invented and applied to uncover the hidden treasures of the human head. You will learn how to see, analyze and execute the whole portrait.

In addition, you will also receive Light & Form, a collection of demonstrations in which he explains how light plays hide and seek with the structure, surface, density and delicacy of the form. Simon will show how light guides us in reading what the sculpted portrait is: smooth or rough, young or old, round or angular. It's eye opening and helps bring the lessons and techniques together in a memorable finish.