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Phil Starke

Phil Starke 5 day workshop digital download instructional videos. If you paint with oils these are a great addition to your art library 

Phil Starke 

A quick glance of what you will be learning!  
The main goal of this workshop is to help you SEE as an artist instead of seeing like a camera.

You will gain knowledge on these topics:

  • Improving your darkest values
  • Painting sunlight
  • Controlling focal points
  • Making the most of your brush marks
  • Creating exciting edges and emphasizing them 

Who will benefit from this 5-Day Studio Workshop?

  • Anyone that needs a firm understanding of the fundamentals of painting.
  • Having difficulties with certain subjects of painting and need help to push through those barriers.
  • If you struggle to see as an artist and want to know how to break away from using photograph.
  • Tend to paint with flat color that lacks vibrancy, and want to learn how to suggest light with the colors on your palette.  
  • Struggle with brushwork and need to learn how to suggest form & shape in your paintings.

Complete Package
5 videos | 523 minutes

  • Capturing Light in your Paintings 
    (84 min)
  • Seeing Color as an Artist
    (101 min)
  • Painting Trees
    (76 min)
  • How to Paint Flowing Water
     (139 min) 
  • Expressive Brushwork Keeping Your Painting Loose
    (123 min)

    Plus all photo references are included that Phil used.  This allows you to easily paint along & learn even more. 

    These instructional videos are ONLY available as downloads. Purchase, download or start streaming instantly. Gain access to everything all at once.  Start right away, work at your own pace, and improve on your own time schedule. These videos are yours to KEEP FOREVER. 

Currently Phil's 5 day studio video package is not available for purchase