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Phil Starke

Phil Starke is a nationally recognized artist working with oil,pastel and watercolor mediums. Tucson Art Academy Online is proud to have him as an instructor. Learn oil painting techniques with him in this four week online art class.

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Course Description



A painting always starts with simplified planes and values and then becomes more complicated. The planes show the depth and form of a landscape and are the building blocks before color is applied. We will begin the foundation with value drawings and paintings.


In this lesson we will study the thought process of mixing color with the purpose of showing light and form without detail, then how to use broken color to suggest detail and depth. I will also be demonstrating the importance of color temperature and brushwork.


Atmospheric perspective is what gives the landscape depth and distance. Using value changes and color temperature we can give the illusion of objects receding and coming forward. Edges are another factor in showing depth, and I will demonstrate how to use a variety of hard and soft edges to achieve this in your painting.


This lesson will focus on an impressionistic approach to painting. We will define our focal point or center of interest, and simplify the rest of the painting around it. We will be using dynamic brushwork to show form and movement throughout the painting. This approach forces you to think about what is important, and then simplify the values and colors to make a bold statement.

This course has 7 hours of high definition instructional videos that are designed for artists at every level and in every medium.

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I just completed the 4 week online course with Phil Starke. I have to say that it not only met any expectations that I had, it went way beyond them! I was really amazed at how much I was able to learn from this. This new way of learning has so many advantages, from saved expenses to flexible scheduling, not to mention getting to watch the lessons as much as I needed during the course! The personal critique videos at the end of every week were probably the most unique and special part, because it gave me uninterrupted attention by the instructor to revue my work and go over my strengths and weaknesses. The course was super easy to navigate, even if you aren’t familiar with computers. I loved it, and highly recommend it!
— Kaia