Landscape • Concept to Canvas

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Course Description


One of the most important elements in any painting is design. The first week we will dive right into some key concepts of design to help you better understand which images work and why others lack interest. I will show you how I begin my landscape paintings and guide you through the first steps of creating a great design. 


Value is as important as design in any landscape painting. I will show you how and why value does all the hard work. By understanding value you will learn how easy it is to convey spatial perspective in the landscape and guide your viewer's eye through the painting.


Color is the last frontier. Once you have a firm grip on values your color application will make more sense.  We will cover basic principles on primary and secondary colors and I will show you how knowing these will improve your landscape paintings. We will combine the valuable steps you have learned in the previous weeks all while adding the "icing" as I like to call the final layer and create a compelling piece.


Light in our paintings is an essential part that cannot be left out. Light makes any form become three dimensional. Without the proper understanding of light your subject will look flat. This week I will show how reflected light, cast shadows and other effects can influence the form. You will gain additional knowledge so you can create a painting with more sparkle and engagement.