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Painting From Nature ( free shipping only 5 available )


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Painting From Nature ( free shipping only 5 available )

Screenshot 2016-12-07 15.17.58.png
Screenshot 2016-12-07 15.17.58.png

Painting From Nature ( free shipping only 5 available )


I am excited to release my first en plein~air instructional DVD - #Painting from Nature. Painting and drawing from direct observation is one of the most important things an artist can do for his or her own growth. I often paint from life to have a deeper understanding of how and why things work. When I was a young painter I just wanted to paint. I did not see like an artist. Through self-discipline I made a huge point to paint outside a lot. I knew from past master landscape artists that it was the only way to improve my works on color and value. In this 60 minute video you will see my approach as to how I start a painting from life, watching what to select and what to omit to make a strong design all while the light is changing. By the end you will have a deeper understanding how to do this yourself.

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